Short Fiction Reading Order

I've been getting a lot of questions lately about the reading order of my Powder Mage short fiction. I figured it's about time I actually put that someplace people could find easily. First, I should note they were not written in chronological order. One of the reasons I write the short fiction is so I can jump around and tell stories where and when I want to.

Each story is meant to be mostly self-contained, so you can read them out of order if you want. However, I suggest reading Forsworn and Servant of the Crown as a pair (in that order).

So, in-universe chronological order:

  1. Forsworn: Occurs about thirty-five years before Promise of Blood.
  2. Servant of the Crown: Takes place immediately after the events in Forsworn but before the epilogue.
  3. "Hope's End": About nineteen years before Promise of Blood.
  4. "The Girl of Hrusch Avenue": Ten years before Promise of Blood.
  5. "The Face in the Window": About two years before Promise of Blood.

You get get any of these stories from your favorite ebook store, or directly from me on this website.