Short Story Giveaway

I've been off in sideprojectland the last few weeks, cleaning out my brain before I start book one of the next trilogy of Powder Mage books. Just popping in to say hello because I thought it would be a good time for a giveaway!

For Tuesday and Wednesday of this week, you can download a *.mobi, *.ebup, or *.PDF file of the Powder Mage short story "Hope's End" for absolutely free. No strings attached, no DRM. All you have to do is grab it from right here (some people have mentioned problems using that download on mobile - try this)

The giveaway is finished! Thanks to everyone who grabbed a copy!

If you'd like to just go ahead and buy the story you can still do so for $.99 by going to my store or your favorite ebook marketplace, where you can get the other stories as well: Forsworn, Servant of the Crown, "The Girl of Hrusch Avenue," and "Face in the Window."

New to the Powder Mage Universe? Pick up a copies of Promise of Blood and The Crimson Campaign today!