Some Beginning of the Week Sundries

I woke up this morning to see that Promise of Blood was on not one, but two "best of first half of 2013" lists. Considering the sheer volume of fantasy novels put out every month, that's pretty cool! The first list is over here at Shadowhawk's Shade. The second list is at Bane of Kings Writing Blog.

Something else cool: Promise of Blood was chosen as Fantasy Book Club's July Book of the Month.

I'm currently working on a way so that people can buy "The Girl of Hrusch Avenue" directly from my website in either epub or PDF. This is for people who don't have an ereader or the story isn't available in their country for some reason. Hoping to have that together by the end of they day. I'll let you know.

Kobo still doesn't have "The Girl of Hrusch Avenue" live. I'm not sure why. I'll do some more investigating today. Other than that, though, the launch went great! I've been getting some wonderful feedback on Amazon and Goodreads, and everyone seems to have enjoyed it so far!

If you're looking for a unique copy of Promise of Blood, you can get one from Doodled Books. They are signed, lined, numbered, dated, and doodled by yours truly!

Finally, I got this wonderful picture from a fan named Brandon over the weekend: