The Girl of Hrusch Avenue

I'm happy to present the first in what I hope will be a series of short stories that take place in the Powder Mage universe and give depth to some of the characters that everyone has come to know and love (though it's not necessary to be familiar with Promise of Blood to enjoy this story).

girl of hrusch avenue cover_FNL_02

"The Girl of Hrusch Avenue" is the story of an orphan named Vlora that lives at a boarding school as a ward of the state. Even at her young age, she already has enemies: the Bulldog Twins, Baron Fendamere, and her own headmistress. When a strange man offers to buy her, Vlora runs away and takes to the roofs above the gunsmithies of Hrusch Avenue. It is there that she meets a boy named Taniel and begins a friendship that will change her life forever.

Available for $0.99 in ebook from Kindle, Nook, and Kobo worldwide:

To celebrate the launch of "The Girl of Hrusch Avenue," I'm giving away fifty signed bookplates that go handsomely inside your hardcover edition of Promise of Blood, pinned to your wall, or just propped in one corner of your desk. Thirty bookplates will be given away in the US, and twenty will be given away to people outside the US. The giveaway is over. I've decided to go ahead and send a bookplate to anyone that entered, regardless of their location. Expect yours by the 15th or so.



To enter: email me at brian (at) brianmcclellan (dot) com with the subject line GIVEAWAY. Include your name and mailing address. I'll choose the winners at random on Monday or Tuesday morning and you will be notified by getting a bookplate in your mail sometime the next week.